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While laser hair removal has always been more popular among women, more and more men are quickly hopping on the trend and receiving treatments. There are several reasons why:

First, laser hair removal can remove hair on a man's body that is  very difficult to remove without the help of someone else. For example, many men are unhappy with the amount of hair on their backs. It is obviously impossible to shave or wax a back without having someone do it for you. Back hair grows quickly and therefore, it would also be very difficult to maintain a hairless back. This is the most popular region for hair removal in men.

In addition, the back of the neck and upper shoulders are also  popular areas to receive laser hair removal in men. These places are also hard to reach while shaving and it can get very frustrating trying to remove hair from these areas. Laser hair removal is an amazing option to remove hair from these areas.

Many professional athletes, including swimmers and cyclists, must remove any excess hair on their bodies. This actually helps improve their performance. Thus, many professional male athletes choose laser hair removal as a means to get rid of extra hair. 

Many men also choose to receive laser hair removal for aesthetic reasons. Once hair is removed from a man's body, it is easier to see muscle definition. Laser hair removal is an amazing way to improve one's confidence and eliminate the frustrating (and possibly expensive and painful) ongoing maintenance of shaving and/or waxing. In addition, because men tend to sweat more than women, many men report that they smell better when they have less hair. 

Last, because mens hair grows faster and thicker,  men who want to remove body hair need to shave or wax a lot more frequently than most women. This means men are a lot more at risk to ingrown hairs. These ingrown hairs can cause unsightly, painful bumps all over the body which is obviously very frustrating and uncomfortable. Laser hair removal will eliminate the need for shaving which means no more ingrown hairs.

Give laser hair removal a try today! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.

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