If you always wanted laser hair removal, winter is the best time to receive a treatment. Let's investigate the different reasons why winter is the best month for laser hair removal. 

First, laser hair removal is done over a series of several treatments. The amount of treatments will depend  on a person's skin tone, amount  of hair and type of hair.  The reason hair regrows after laser treatments is due to the way laser treatments work. Laser hair removal only removes hair that is in the active part of the growth cycle (anagen phase). There are however 3 other hair growth stages at any given time. This is why it is important to receive a series of laser treatments (6-8 for most patients) in order to make sure all hairs in the anagen stage are removed. 

Now wouldn't it be nice to be perfectly smooth by the summer time? A full set of laser hair removal treatments (6-8 treatments) are typically done 3 weeks apart from one another. This gives you 18-24 weeks to get a whole set of laser hair removal treatments in before summer. Therefore, it is best to start at the end of fall/beginning of winter. 

Now, after you receive laser hair removal treatments, it is absolutely essential to avoid the sun for as long  as possible (a least 48 hours) to let the skin heal. Therefore, it is a lot harder to do this in the summer time if you are getting laser in an area that is exposed to the sun. In addition, it is also important to avoid excessive sweating, swimming and exercise after a treatment.  These activities are also typically enjoyed during the summer and can therefore be trickier to fit in laser treatments.

In addition, you cannot have laser done on sunburned skin, even if there is just a slight burn. There is a higher possibility of burning during the summer and therefore this may interfere with the planning of your laser hair removal. Even after you are allowed to be in the sun after a laser hair removal treatment, your skin will be more sensitive and be more prone to burning. Furthermore, many recommend not being exposed to the sun up to two weeks before a treatment.  This will make sure the laser is set to the correct setting based on your skin tone and will therefore work more effectively. Untanned skin will also  prevent hyperpigmentation and possible burning because the skin will be less sensitive. 

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