Laser hair removal and electrolysis are both amazing options for hair removal. Both have their benefits and downsides. Let’s investigate these two procedures:

What is laser hair removal?

In order to permanently remove hair, the hair germinal cells must be killed. This is done by using a laser whose wavelength matches the pigment of the hair. The heat absorbed by the pigment travels to the germinal cells and permanently injures them. In the growth phase of a hair cycle (one of 3 phases of the life of a hair), the hair is attached to the germ cells so the heat is effectively transferred to them. In the other 2 phases of the hair cycle, the heat will not lead to killing the germ cell. This is why several treatments are needed, so as to eventually hit most of the hairs in the growth phase.

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses  electricity to destroy the actual hair follicles and papilla. During an  electrolysis treatment, a practitioner inserts an extremely tiny device into the hair follicle. The device causes an electric current in the skin tissue, thereby damaging the follicle beyond repair. The hair is then removed from the follicle, and because it is destroyed, hair cannot grow anymore from that particular follicle. During electrolysis, the practitioner needs to treat each follicle at a time. Therefore, electrolysis takes a long time ( a whole face can take 20+ hours to do) and is more expensive. 

Laser vs. Electrolysis

The FDA officially approves the use of the phrase “permanent hair reduction” for laser hair removal and “permanent hair removal” for electrolysis. Therefore, while laser hair removal has the ability to remove most hairs, it is still not 100% guaranteed to ensure that every single follicle is removed and that hair will never grow back. Electrolysis on the other hand guarantees permanent hair removal. Thus, if you have tried laser hair removal and your hair grew back and/or you want a 100% guarantee that the hair will be permanently removed, electrolysis may be your best bet.

Another major difference (and probably the most significant) is the cost and time commitment. If you are looking to remove hair on a larger part of your body (e.g a whole leg, arm, etc). Electrolysis will be extremely time consuming and costly. Laser is by far a better option if you are looking to remove a large amount of hair. On the other hand, if you have a few pesky hairs in a certain location (e.g a few stray hairs on a mole,  upper lip or neck) electrolysis could be a more reasonable option for you. 

Both laser hair removal and electrolysis are amazing solutions to remove hair depending on the patient's need. They are amazingly effective and many clinics now offer both electrolysis and laser hair removal during a single session depending on the area that is being treated. 

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