So, you've decided to get laser, but hold on just a minute. Did you know that your skin color determines how and where you should receive laser treatments? Laser hair removal is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all cosmetic procedure. However, with the improvement of technology, now virtually everyone can receive laser hair removal.  Here’s what you need to know before you decide to invest in laser hair removal:

You might have heard that those with darker skin may have a more difficult time receiving laser hair removal. This was due to how the original laser hair machines were designed.  These machines were not able to tell the difference between the pigment of the hair follicles and the pigment of one's skin. Therefore, scarring, discolorations and severe burns could result from performing laser on dark skin tones. Instead, laser hair removal was only best suited for individuals with fairer skin and darker hair, as the laser was able to remove only the darker hairs and would not burn the surrounding lighter skin. The good news? Now those with darker skin can experience all the amazing benefits laser hair removal has to offer! New technology now allows those with darker skin to safely and effectively receive laser hair removal due to the implementation of Nd:YAG wavelength technology. This wavelength is specially formulated for darker skin types due to the way this wavelength interacts with melanin and the patient's dermis. Therefore, if you have darker skin and you are looking to try laser hair removal, do your research and make sure you find a practitioner who uses this technology and has experience working with people with darker skin.

However, those with light skin and light hair may also have trouble with certain laser machines. This is because older laser hair removal machines could not pick up the lighter color hair follicles. However, the great news is that technology has improved drastically and those with light skin and light hair can also receive effective laser hair removal. New hair removal lasers work by giving the illusion of darker hair color and can even effectively remove white or gray hairs! In addition, while you may have lighter hair in certain parts of your body (e.g arms, legs and back), everyone has darker and coarser hair on other areas (e.g under arm area and bikini areas). Therefore, most laser hair removal machines should be able to remove darker hair in these areas (for those with lighter skin). While technology has certainly improved, those with lighter skin and very light hair may need more sessions than those with darker hair.

In conclusion, laser hair removal technology has come a long way in the past few decades. Those individuals who were typically deemed poor candidates for laser hair removal due to skin tone and/or hair color can now enjoy all the amazing benefits laser hair removal has to offer. New machines, such as Splendor X, Nd Yag Laser, and the Cynosure Elite Plus are a few examples of laser hair removal machines that will work for any skin and/or hair color.


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