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Alright, so everyone and their mother is getting laser. But like many popular things that actually can be dangerous (hello, cosmetic surgery and anesthesia), one has to wonder if laser hair removal is actually safe.

The good news? YES! Laser hair removal is safe! Whether you decide to get it on your arms, legs, chin or bikini area, you can be rest assured that laser is a safe and effective solution for hair removal. Like most cosmetic procedures, some may experience side effects after laser treatment. However, these side effects are typically short lived and relatively pain free.

So here is the scoop: Common side effects of laser can include redness and irritation, scabbing, and risk of skin infections. These side effects are typically minor and temporary. However, most likely you will only experience some redness or bumps immediately after the treatment.

It is also necessary to highlight the importance of proper safety eye-wear while performing laser. Eye protection is an absolute must during laser to prevent eye injuries. During laser, you and your technician will be wearing proper eye protection . Eye-wear should never be moved or adjusted without the doctor or technicians assistance. In addition, you may notice your doctor or practitioner wearing a mask during the procedure. The laser "plume" (also known as the small particles and smoke that are formed during the laser treatment) can over time irritate your airways. However, here is the awesome news: There are new, more advanced and safer laser hair removal machines currently on the market. For example, Lumenis Splendor X is a new machine that has a one-of-a-kind built-in plume evacuator which provides a smoke-free environment. Therefore, if you choose to receive laser with Lumenis, you and your practitioner will not need to worry about any run off plume due to its ability to provide a smoke-free environment.

Like any cosmetic procedure, the most important thing is to do your research and make sure you have any treatment done by a trusted and licensed specialist. But all in all, laser hair removal is completely safe. And perhaps even safer than dueling with your shaver in the shower!

Book your safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal service using our state of the art Lumenis Splendor X machine TODAY! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.


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