So, you've decided to get laser, but hold on just a minute. Did you know that your skin color determines how and where you should receive laser treatments? Laser hair removal is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all cosmetic procedure. However, with the improvement of technology, now virtually everyone can receive laser hair removal.  Here’s what you need to know before you decide to invest in laser hair removal:

You might have heard that those with darker skin may have a more difficult time receiving laser hair removal. This was due to how the original laser hair machines were designed.  These machines were not able to tell the difference between the pigment of the hair follicles and the pigment of one's skin. Therefore, scarring, discolorations and severe burns could result from performing laser on dark skin tones. Instead, laser hair removal was only best suited for individuals with fairer skin and darker hair, as the laser was able to remove only the darker hairs and would not burn the surrounding lighter skin. The good news? Now those with darker skin can experience all the amazing benefits laser hair removal has to offer! New technology now allows those with darker skin to safely and effectively receive laser hair removal due to the implementation of Nd:YAG wavelength technology. This wavelength is specially formulated for darker skin types due to the way this wavelength interacts with melanin and the patient's dermis. Therefore, if you have darker skin and you are looking to try laser hair removal, do your research and make sure you find a practitioner who uses this technology and has experience working with people with darker skin.

However, those with light skin and light hair may also have trouble with certain laser machines. This is because older laser hair removal machines could not pick up the lighter color hair follicles. However, the great news is that technology has improved drastically and those with light skin and light hair can also receive effective laser hair removal. New hair removal lasers work by giving the illusion of darker hair color and can even effectively remove white or gray hairs! In addition, while you may have lighter hair in certain parts of your body (e.g arms, legs and back), everyone has darker and coarser hair on other areas (e.g under arm area and bikini areas). Therefore, most laser hair removal machines should be able to remove darker hair in these areas (for those with lighter skin). While technology has certainly improved, those with lighter skin and very light hair may need more sessions than those with darker hair.

In conclusion, laser hair removal technology has come a long way in the past few decades. Those individuals who were typically deemed poor candidates for laser hair removal due to skin tone and/or hair color can now enjoy all the amazing benefits laser hair removal has to offer. New machines, such as Splendor X, Nd Yag Laser, and the Cynosure Elite Plus are a few examples of laser hair removal machines that will work for any skin and/or hair color.


Book your safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal service using our state of the art Lumenis Splendor X machine TODAY! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.

So, how long does laser hair removal actually last? This is a very important question to consider before diving in and getting laser. Afterall, if we decide  to pay a pretty penny for laser, we will definitely want it to last for a long time. The answer of course is: it depends!

People usually receive laser hair removal  to remove hair on either one or both parts of the body. These areas include the face and body. The amount of time laser will last will depend where the patient decides to receive the laser hair treatment.

The good news? Laser hair removal performed on the body tends to last a very long time. For some people, results can even be permanent. Even better news, any regrowth that does occur will  most likely  be very sparse and fine. The reason hair regrows after laser treatments is due to the way laser treatments work. Laser hair removal only removes hair that is in the active part of the growth cycle (anagen phase). There are however 3 other hair growth stages at any given time. This is why it is important to receive a series of laser treatments (6-8 for most patients) in order to make sure all hairs in the anagen stage are removed.

As far as the face is concerned, some people report that it is more likely for hair to regrow on the face after a series of laser treatments. This is most likely due to normal androgenic hormonal fluctuations and the effect they have on hair follicles. These hormones include  testosterone and DHEA and can cause hair regrowth. This is especially relevant in women during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as when women begin to enter perimenopause and menopause. Therefore, it is less likely that laser hair removal will be permanent on the face. However, one can expect laser hair removal to last on the face for up to 10 years. After 10 years, some patients decide to get a few retouches over the years. Similar to regrowth on the body, any hair that does regrow on the face will more likely be lighter and finer.

While there is a chance hair may grow back after laser hair removal, laser hair removal is still considered an excellent investment. This is because any hair that does regrow will typically be finer and lighter. In addition, one can still expect results to  be mostly permanent.


Book your safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal service using our state of the art Lumenis Splendor X machine TODAY! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.


There are some amazing laser hair removal machines on the market. How do you know which one to choose? The answer will depend on your needs and what is available in your area.  Lets compare two of the most popular machines currently on the market: the Splendor X and the Candela Gentlemax Pro. Each machine also has pros and cons.

The Candela Gentlemax Pro is a wonderful and very popular laser hair removal machine. The machine works for all skin types, is safe , comfortable, quick and customizable. It also can be used an a skin-rejuvenating, collagen producing treatment.  The Candea Gentlemax Pro does have a downside. For some, the laser hair treatment can cause slight pain and stinging. In addition, the treated area may become red and swollen post treatment. Hyperpigmentation and darkening of blood vessels post treatment is also a common side effect.

The other popular laser hair removal machine is the Lumenis Splendor X. The Splendor X is also able to completely customise a patients laser treatment depending on the skin tone, skin, type, and hair color. This is due to SPLENDOR X’s state of the art laser system and Blend X technology (Binary Laser Emission of Nd: YAG and Alexandrite wavelengths).  Furthermore, the Splendor X is an extremely fast, effective and safe treatment option. Many of the top doctors and clinics around the world, such as the Australian Skin Clinics, have chosen the Splendor X machine to use in their offices.  The only downside of the Splendor X is that some report that the treatment may be slightly uncomfortable. In addition, those with active skin infections are not able to receive laser hair removal using the Splendor X. Last, hyperpigmentation may occur in some patients.

Both machines offer amazing results. As always, make sure to speak to a qualified and registered laser hair removal technician before you decide to undergo treatment.

If you want the best, most comfortable and effective laser hair removal service in Staten Island, look no further then Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. All treatments are performed using our  state of the art Lumenis Splendor X machine. BOOK TODAY! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.

So, is laser really worth it? After all, waxing and shaving have several redeemable qualities. Let's figure out if laser hair removal is a good choice for you or if waxing and shaving is a better option. First of all, the cost of waxing and shaving is less than one treatment of laser. Shaving costs only include razors and possible shaving cream. Waxing kits usually cost anywhere from $20-$100. One treatment of laser varies depending on where you are receiving it. The cost usually ranges between $200 (e.g bikini) to $800 (e.g back). Therefore, if you have a very tight budget, waxing and shaving may be a better choice for you.

However, while the cost may appear to be beneficial, the price for waxing does add up whether you wax at home or receive it as a service. For example, a full leg wax can cost up to $55 for only HALF a leg. Therefore, while you may think you are saving money because one wax treatment is less than one laser treatment, the cost of waxing does eventually add up. Even shaving can cost you a pretty penny if you add up the costs of razors over the course of several years. Laser treatments are typically permanent and therefore, you will never need to buy wax or a razor after you receive a laser hair removal. You may want to consider whether you can afford a bigger upfront cost in order to save money in the long term.

In addition, laser hair removal dramatically reduces the regrowth of hair and is an amazing beauty investment. No more painful waxing or time-consuming shaving that often causes itching, skin irritation and stubborn ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, your skin will always be smooth, beautiful, and virtually hair free.

Last, for some people, laser hair removal may not be the best option no matter what your budget or needs are. If you have light hair or very dark skin, only specific types of laser will work for you. Therefore, you must make sure the laser at the center you intend to visit will be suitable for your hair and skin color. Next, laser hair removal is not recommended for people with certain skin conditions and diseases. If you have a certain skin condition or disease, consult with your doctor if laser hair treatment is a safe choice. Last, it is recommended that pregnant women refrain from getting laser. Waxing and shaving could therefore be a better and safer choice for some people.

Book your safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal service using our state of the art Lumenis Splendor X machine TODAY! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.

Laser, hair removal therapy

Alright, so everyone and their mother is getting laser. But like many popular things that actually can be dangerous (hello, cosmetic surgery and anesthesia), one has to wonder if laser hair removal is actually safe.

The good news? YES! Laser hair removal is safe! Whether you decide to get it on your arms, legs, chin or bikini area, you can be rest assured that laser is a safe and effective solution for hair removal. Like most cosmetic procedures, some may experience side effects after laser treatment. However, these side effects are typically short lived and relatively pain free.

So here is the scoop: Common side effects of laser can include redness and irritation, scabbing, and risk of skin infections. These side effects are typically minor and temporary. However, most likely you will only experience some redness or bumps immediately after the treatment.

It is also necessary to highlight the importance of proper safety eye-wear while performing laser. Eye protection is an absolute must during laser to prevent eye injuries. During laser, you and your technician will be wearing proper eye protection . Eye-wear should never be moved or adjusted without the doctor or technicians assistance. In addition, you may notice your doctor or practitioner wearing a mask during the procedure. The laser "plume" (also known as the small particles and smoke that are formed during the laser treatment) can over time irritate your airways. However, here is the awesome news: There are new, more advanced and safer laser hair removal machines currently on the market. For example, Lumenis Splendor X is a new machine that has a one-of-a-kind built-in plume evacuator which provides a smoke-free environment. Therefore, if you choose to receive laser with Lumenis, you and your practitioner will not need to worry about any run off plume due to its ability to provide a smoke-free environment.

Like any cosmetic procedure, the most important thing is to do your research and make sure you have any treatment done by a trusted and licensed specialist. But all in all, laser hair removal is completely safe. And perhaps even safer than dueling with your shaver in the shower!

Book your safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal service using our state of the art Lumenis Splendor X machine TODAY! Laser Hair Removal Staten Island By Beautie 36. Navy Pier Ct, #a Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 971-9774.


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